Big Auction of IPL 2018 on 27th and 28th Jan

Thu 21st Dec 2017     1302

Most awaited league of cricket is back in action in April 2018 but this time its auction is very interesting.

This time the banned CSK is back with captain cool is back with the team, as most likely to join the team.

This time all players should released by all team and only allow to retain top 5 players.

In this 5 players there should be 3 Indian players while 2 foreign players only.

So this time it was very interesting auction at Bangalore on 27th and 28th Jan 2018.

All teams required to submit their retained players list on and before 4th Jan 2018.

Governing Council will release the list of players who will go under the hammer on January 18, nine days before the auction.

Each team can spend 80 million amount in the auction to make their team balanced. So some good players may get less money as compare to previous years.